UK is the home of some of the world’s top ranking universities, best research facilities and top academic organizations.

Imagine learning in caring academic atmospheres where lecturers are friendly and lecture hall reflect the cultural diversity of land.

See entering the personnel with internationally accredited qualifications that are recognized and respected world wide

This is what it means to study in United Kingdom

Start your Education without any hesitation in UK with important update on everything you would like to know on UK. From tier-4 student visa to temporary residence visa and its cost.

Why Study In UK

UK degree is internationally recognised and respected qualifications globally-

A UK degree is accepted and valuedworldwide.  According to UKCISA website (2015-16) there are more than 438,010 international students from all over the world studying in the UK. These students return to their home countries after finishing their graduation and move on to successful careers. British alumni are also in very high demand from major corporates internationally. (–schools/Policy-research–statistics/Research–statistics/International-students-in-UK-HE/ )

Top quality standards of British programmes

Qualities of educational programs in the UK are among the highest in the world. Quality of education in UK is assured by government agencies.

The accurateexternal and internal system of quality assurance place lead to publish ratings and reports which are available though the Quality Assurance Agency website (

UK alumni are among the global leaders

Britain attracted so many international students who have become International leader in various areas such as Finance, Politics, Economics, Business and many more.

These include Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, Aung San SuuKyi,Bill Clinton, Desmond Tutu, Jimmy Choo, Imran Khan, Deng Yaping, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and Manmohan Singh.

Diverse range of courses

UK offers thousands of courses which cover hundreds of subjects in different combinations so that every single student will be able to search exactly what they require in the UK.

The variousranges of courseare also matched by the wide range of colleges and universities that give student a wide-ranging choice to find the most appropriate study surroundings for them.

Front position worldwide in the scientific innovation and creativity

There are number of world leader in the field of science and technology awarded their qualifications in the UK. Country has been the recipient of the second highest number of Noble prizes in the world.

Students coming to study pure science and technological subjects in the UK will definitely benefit from learning alongside some of the world’s top intellectual achievers.

Develop excellent skills to meet requirements of global economy

Learning technique in the UK enables student to perform problem solving skills, development of intellectual skills.

These skills are recognised by prospective employers as the qualities are essential to meet the requirements of the global economy and to succeed in a competitive job market.

Intensive shorter tertiary education

The main advantage to study in the UK is that duration of course is shorter than other countries. UK offer only 1 year master degree and 3 years under graduate degree. Due to this reason student will be able to save money on tuition fees and accommodation. As a result he’ll start his carer soon.

Outstanding International students support

UK is welcoming international students from more than 110 countries. In terms of student drop our rate, at the moment UK has lowest dropping out rate. The reason behind this is that UK universities offer excellent student services and support. Support includes Student union support, dedicated international office, student societies at student union.

Britain is a Gateway to Europe

Britain is an ideal place and called gateway to Europe. Student gets many travel opportunities to travel to Europe. Even British University offers official Europe tour.

Where to study in UK ?

Higher education in England starts at the age of 18 years (17 years in Scotland). The similar pattern is followed by other commonwealth countries too.

System involves two stages:

Undergraduate or UG: It is a Bachelors’ degree duration is 3 to 4 years (Depend on University)

Postgraduate: Masters’ degree program for 12 Months, 15 Months, 18 Months (Depend on Colleges)

Note- The duration of program in the UK strictly depends on the college and student’s choice. For instance a business undergraduate degree will take 4 years whereas a bachelor in social science would need only 3 years to complete.

There are two options for students to choose from in order to pursue their higher education in the UK:

  1. Public and private Universities & University colleges
  2. Private schools

Living In UK

Living in Bitain is little bit more expensive than Asia or Europe.  It is advisable that student must plan their long term stay in advance. Generally student should budget for the following:

Accommodation when you reach to the UK:

If you haven’t already organised accommodation for when you first arrive make sure you have enough money for hostel or hotel accommodation (from £11 upwards per night) or to give to mates who let you doss.

Bond and first month’s rent :

In UK before moving to property there will be tenancy agreement between student and their landlord. Duration of agreement depend on both. Sometimes student need to deposit one month advance rent with current month rent.

Transport :

It is recommended to buy monthly or annual bus pass to travel locally.

Mobile phone: currently Lyca, Lebara and Vactone mobile companies giving many offers to Indian students. With their plan student can call very cheaply to India.

Internet access:

In university or college, internet is free. At your room internet charges included by landlord.


In your accommodation you’ll get washing machine facility. You can use this facility and make sure you have some pounds in your hand for ironing or you can do yourself.

Eating and drinking:

Eating in the UK is not cheap. You will get cooking facilities at your home. If you know basic cooking, then you can save money.

There are of course ways of saving your hard earned pounds as a working traveller (you say frugal, we say sensible!) for more important things like skiing in the Swiss Alps and living it up in Ibiza.

Institutes In UK we represent

De Montfort University, Leicester.

Middlesex University, London

LSBF, London

Amity, London

BPP , London

University of Sunderland-London and Sunderland Campus

Colleges and Universities that we are doing right now-

Birmingham City University, Birmingham.

Cambridge Ruskin International College, Cambridge.

Edinburgh International College, Edinburgh.

Hertfordshire International College, Hertfordshire.

International College at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen.

International college Portsmouth, Portsmouth.

International College Wales Swansea, Swansea.

London Brunel International College, London.

Plymouth University International College, Plymouth.

University of Northampton International College, Northampton.

Application Process and Deadlines in the UK

Undergraduate Applications

Applications for Bachelors degree courses are made through the Universities Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) that is a centralised application system.

Students can apply to a maximum of 5 institutions/courses only.

UCAS Deadlines-

15 October for medicine, dentistry and veterinary courses and all courses at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

15 January for all other courses except certain art and design courses that have a 24 March deadline.

30 June is the final deadline for international students and after this all applications go into Clearing.

Postgraduate Applications

There is no single centralised system for postgraduate applications and students have to make applications individually to each institution.

Deadlines vary from course to course and institution to institution. Our counselling staff can help you with identifying these deadlines.

Study Overseas Global Application Processing Services-

Study Overseas Global provides complete application processing services that includes putting together your application and helping you decide on your final choices. We pride ourselves on delivering high quality and a quick turnaround time once we get all the required documents and inputs from the student.