The United States of America (USA), is a federal republic containing of 50 states and a federal district. The 48 states and Washington D.C., are located in the central North America between Canada and Mexico. Alaska State is located in the North West part of America and the Hawaii Island is an archipelago in the mid-Pacific. The United States of America also has 5inhabited and numerous unpopulated territories in the Pacific and the Caribbean Island. According to total area United States is the world’s fourth-largest country and third most populous country in the world. It is one of the world’s most ethnically diverse and multicultural nations with very large-scale of immigration from many countries of the world.

some Facts of USA:

OFFICIAL NAME: United States of America

TYPE OF GOVERNMENT: Constitution-based federal republic

CAPITAL CITY: Washington, D.C.

POPULATION: 318,892,103

LANGUAGES: English, Spanish, French (no official national language) by govt.

CURRENCY: U.S. dollar

AREA: (9,826,630 square kilometres

MAJOR MOUNTAIN RANGES: Rocky Mountains, Appalachian Mountains

MAJOR RIVERS: Mississippi, Missouri, Colorado

The United States is a developed nation and ranked number 1 in GDP, benefiting from an abundance of natural resources and high worker productivity. While the US economy is considered post-industrial, the country continues to be one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of many things. It is the world’s foremost economic and military power, a prominent political and cultural force, and a leader in scientific research and technological innovations.

Reason to Study in the USA?

  • World Class and top Best Quality Education system
  • More than 675 Areas of Study subject available in the USA.
  • Choice of More than 3000 Universities and Colleges
  • 12 – 36 Months OPT / CPT After Study
  • After graduation there are many job opportunities

USA Education System

Study in the United States of America has numerous benefits for International students, however before you pick which program best meets your needs, and you should first want to learn about the education system of USA. There are wide range of choices and opportunities, and you should have all of the information you need to make a decision that is right for you.

Elementary and High School Education system

  • Pre-primary School : Age criteria 3 to 5 Years
  • Elementary (Primary) level School : Grades or class 1 to 5
  • Junior Level High School : Grades 6 to 8
  • High School (Senior Level High School) : Grade 9 to 12

Associate at Community College

  • Many students choose to study at a local community college in order to complete the first two years of prerequisite courses. They will earn an Associate of Arts (AA) transfer degree and then transfer to a 4 years college or university.

Undergraduate at College / University

  • In USA, It takes 4 yearsto earn a bachelor’s degree. Initial two years of study involves taking a wide variety of regular classes in different subjects, commonly known as prerequisite courses: literature,science, the social sciences, the arts, history, and so forth.
  • Bachelor’s degree: 4 years; Year 1 = freshman, Year 2 = sophomore, Year 3 = Junior, and Year 4 = Senior.
  • The 2 types of bachelor’s or under graduate degrees typically presented by these institutions are B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) or B.S. (Bachelor of Science). Students have to pick a “major” at a certain point as they are working toward such degrees. A major is the specific field of study in which degree is focused and consists of the courses within a degree program that most interest the student.

Graduate program at College or University

  • A graduate program is usually a division of a college or university.
  • Graduate programs in pursuit of a master’s degree typically take one to two years to complete.
  • The majority of a master’s program is spent in classroom study and a graduate student must prepare a long research paper called a master’s thesisor complete a master’s project.

Doctorate at University

  • Most graduate schools require minimum master’s degree as the first step towards earning a PhD (doctorate). It will take three years or moreto earn a PhD degree.
  • Doctoral degrees can be academic or professional in nature. To receive their degrees, students need to pass an examination and complete an original piece of research and submit a dissertation.