Study in Poland – The Gateway to Europe

Poland falls under the Bologna agreement and follows the associated schemes. Most of its tertiary level programs consist of two cycles which are – a three year bachelor degree and a two year master degree program. But, in some courses such as medicine or pharmacy, the master degrees are offered only after completion of a long program which lasts around 4 to 6 years. PhD programs last for about 3 years. Those students who are interested to completing a diploma in school teaching need to complete a course which is 3 years long. Almost all major vocational training courses last about two and a half years and are looked after by the post-secondary school.

Poland offers so many opportunities to Indian students. Its location is very good and it is between Russia and Europe, it can become a milestone for students for their journey towards settling in Europe.

Colleges in Poland offer variety of courses to local and international students. Poland maintains very good level of higher education standards and there are numerous opportunities for research, education and academics.

Universities in Poland are continually upgrading themselves to fit in industry requirements.

Polish degrees are recognized by European Union as well as other countries.  A polish degree gives you very strong base for work anywhere in the world.

Benefits of Study in Polish colleges and Universities

First of all living cost is very low as compared to other European locations.  Average living cost is approx. 200-250 USD which included housing, local travelling and foods.

Other benefit is Poland offer low cost tuition fees which is affordable to everyone. Annual tuition fees are approx. 2000 USD to 5000 USD. Technical courses such as medicine and engineering are more expensive than humanities, it costs 4500 USD. Most expensive coursers are hotel management courses which cost 5000 USD. However, internship available with hotel management courses.

From Poland student can easily access neighbor countries such as Germany, Austria etc.

Germany offers attractivework opportunities in manyareas and thus many pass outs from Polish colleges and universities apply to German companies for work. The culture and environment in the Poland and Germany isvery similar and therefore students will not find it difficult to adjust. Poland acts as the gateway to Germany and other Europe. Right now International students in Poland do not require any visa to visit 24 European countries.

There are many opportunities for relaxation in Poland.  Entertainment and relaxation on weekend at pub is very common in European countries. There are so many pubs, clubs, theatres, pools, gyms and cinemas. Students can get discount on entry in these places.

Due to global tie-up of polish universities and colleges with other universities, it is possible to get International internship facilities for students. Currently polish universities have their partnerships with other European countries and Australia. It will definitely improve student’s personal development and provide them international exposure.

Admission Procedure and requirements in Poland

The procedure of admission is depending on course to course. But, there are some commonnecessities and procedures which are common for all courses mentioned below:

Firstly student needs to do an online registration, after this their acceptance letter will be generated.

10th, 12th results along with bachelor degree transcripts (for Master degree), English language ability certificate, Passport scan copy, course application fees ( If any).

Apart from this, tuition fee need to be submitted on the completion of the admission process, students have to apply for visa.

Vega Overseas Indore Services

Getting admission letter from the university or colleges for desired course.

Payment of Visa fees to the Embassy and tuition fees to University.

Arranging air ticket from Delhi/Mumbai to Warsaw or suitable airport.

Assistance for accommodation

Student Visa documents-

We help students to apply for a student visa to Poland. The procedures may vary depending on the country you come from. However, some of the requirements remain the same for all the countries and they include:

A visa application form completely filled and signed.

A Valid Indian passport

Letter of acceptance from University or college in Poland

A CV copy

Yourall school/ college certificates and diplomas

Evidence of proficiency in the English language in which you wish to study

Confirmation of having the funds for studying and living in Poland

Health insurance

A photo

If you would like to learn the requirements for visa application from your country, feel free to contact us!

Stay permit

Another condition you need to fulfill to be able to study in Poland is to legalize your stay in the territory of the Republic of Poland. If you are a European Union (EU) citizen and you would like to stay longer than three months in Poland, you need to register your stay in the country. If you are a non-EU citizen, you need to obtain a visa at a Polish consulate in your home country before your arrival in Poland. Once in Poland, in order to prolong your stay, you need to apply for a Temporary Stay Card – kartaczasowegopobytu – 45 days before your visa expires. To arrange this, feel free to contact one of Think Poland agents.

Health and Security

Moreover, if you decide to study in Poland, you need to obtain a doctor’s certificate confirming that you can freely undertake study in the field of your choice. Additionally, you need to be insured during your total stay in Poland. The health service in Poland is not free to public and therefore you should hold an insurance policy in the event of an illness or an accident. If you are a EU citizen and possess an European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), you can take advantage of Polish health services free of charge. If, however, you do not have such a card, you can buy health insurance in the National Health Fund (NarodowyFunduszZdrowia) for about 40 PLN per month. Based on the bilateral country agreement the citizens of Great Britain, Sweden and Slovakia, can take advantage of Polish health services free of charge, while Czech students can use it in case of an emergency or a sudden illness. If you have any doubts about which insurance you should pick for your stay in Poland, do not hesitate to ask one of our Think Poland agents. That’s what they are for!


You do not have to be fluent in Polish in order to begin studies in Poland. The knowledge of English, French or German suffices. In order to apply for a given course, you will need to present a document confirming your knowledge of a foreign language at a sufficient level to participate in the classes. According to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, you would have to have one of the following certificates: FCE, CAE or CPE for studies in English, DEFL B2 for studies in French or Zertificat Deutsch Plus 3 for German studies. Some Universities do not require certificates as they conduct their own language tests as part of their admission procedure. You can find out in the individual course’s description whether such exams are part of the admission procedures or if a certificate suffices.

If, however, you would like to study in Polish, you need to prove that your knowledge of the language is proficient enough to actively participate in the classes. To do so, you need to pass the State Certificate in Polish as a Foreign Language. To find out more about this exam, please contact Think Poland agents or State Commission for the Certification of Proficiency in Polish as a Foreign Language.

We represent following universities in Poland:-

  1. Polonia University
  2. University of Wroclaw